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Hey People !

For sure you are wondering what’s the title meaning is ?! !! Juste Debout (“just upright”) is an international and annual dance competition founded in 2001 by Bruce Soné in France which focuses on street dance styles. The four main categories are hip hop new stylehouselocking and popping.

Here below you will some interesting look that I found in this competition :


Hello le monde !

C’est sûr vous vous demander ce que ce “juste debout” veut dire ? Est-ce le concours de celui qui peut rester le plus longtemps debout ou est-ce un nouveau exercice de sport à la mode ?’ ? Eh bien rien de tout cela …Il s’agit en fait d’une compétition de dance internationale et annuelle fondé en 2001 pas Bruce Soné en France. Celui-ci s’est principalement intéressé au 4 style de dance suivant : hiphop NewStyle, house, locking et popping.

Ce dessous vous trouverez quelques clichés intéressant des looks urbains : 


Sébastien Boucher
Sébastien Boucher


Here is Sébastien Boucher the organizer of Geneva JusteDebout 2014. He is even quite famous internationally as a house dancer and won many competitions. He is good also in HipHop and I wanted to take class with him. Unfortunately our schedule didn’t match each other.

The look : a typical urban dancer look ; cotton pants and t-shirt, sneakers 


Urban boy
Urban boys

Two boys with hat,  black and white shirt, and sneakers: old school style …


Happy Brother
Happy Brother


The locking finalist of this year competition:     Happy Brother

The name is made for them, you can see them dancing with a really good mood.

I love his retro look with the hat and under suit with Adidas sneakers !

Shayce fs
Shayce Fs

This is a very Nice look : I love the way  he knotted  his scarf . His striped sweatshirt goes very well with his military short as well as his cap. And the burgundy is perfect for this look !!!







Juste Debout 2014

A colorful urban girl !

The look:   Tissa cap, Metro Boutic pullover, Tally Weil trousers, Funny Pack Banana, Nike shoes


Yvan is another great dancer from this competition. He is well known in Geneva as a house and experimental dancer. But the first time that I met him is in a dancehall class. He was replacing my teacher who was sick.

He is wearing a T-Shirt from his sponsor and the trousers are handmade and come from Cameroun.


Juste Debout 2014
Timothy Tekken

A young dancer who didn’t take part of the competition but I liked his yellow sweatshirt with a small bird printed shirt under. The sneakers looks old but in line with the all look !



I was really impressed by the way this little girl danced. She was full of energy and looks so pure with her curly blond hair ….For sure , I liked her look. The color of her hat gives life to her look !














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