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les petites

Les Petites


Hello darlings ,


Today I want to introduce you if you don’t know it yet some stunning clothes. It was a real crush for me!!!

It is a French brand called “les petites…”.I found out when one day I walking around in Manor (a shopping center in Geneva). I went across on their stand and it was immediately a crush for their fabulous dresses.

“Small” size obviously because I am a part of this community. (When trousers, pullovers and shirts sleeves are always a way too long)

Adjusted and well cut, they are perfect for those who want to be chic, casual and elegant at the same time.

Their clothes are particularly colorful compared to other brands. You can find King blue, red, green, beige etc.

Last week, I accidentally discovered “THE” official store in the same street as the back door of C & A. The welcome was very friendly and nice!(It’s not always the case in Geneva). The simple but chic decor reflect well the brand. I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Feel free to visit them because it’s really worth it !!!

Last thing: the prices are quite correct for workings girls. Even if it is so cheap, I think it is really worth it when it comes to the quality of the products and the used materials (silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, alpaca or wool)

Hello les chouchoutes,


Aujourd’hui je vous fais découvrir si ce n’est pas déjà le cas une marque du tonnerre pour laquelle cela a été un vrai coup de cœur !!!

Il s’agit de la marque « Les petites…. » .Je l’ai découvert en me baladant à Manor( un centre commercial à Genève). Je suis passée par hasard sur leur stand et ça a tout de suite été un coup de cœur pour leurs fabuleuses petites robes.

Des tailles « petites » évidemment car je fais partie de cette communauté. (Quand les pantalons et les manches de pulls et chemises sont toujours un peu longs.)

Ajustée et bien coupée elles sont parfaites pour celles qui ont envie d’être chic, décontracté et élégante à la fois.

Leurs vêtements sont particulièrement colorés par rapport à d’autres marques. On y trouve du bleu roi, du rouge, du vert, du beige etc

La semaine passée, j’ai découvert par hasard LA boutique officielle dans la même rue que la porte arrière de C&A. L’accueil était très sympa et amical!( Ce qui n’est pas toujours le cas à Genève). Le décor simple mais chic, est à l’image de la marque. J’en ai profité pour prendre quelques photos. N’hésitez pas à y faire un tour car cela en vaut la peine. J

Dernière chose : les prix sont assez corrects pour les workings girls. Même si ce n’est pas donné, je pense que cela en vaut vraiment la peine vu la qualité des produits et les matières utilisés (la soie, le coton, le lin, le cachemire, l’alpaga ou la laine).

My favorites looks :

Mes pièces préférées :

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Chanel Women

 Geneva’s view

The following pictures are taken from my actual hometown the fabulous GENEVA. It’s all about fashion and accessories. This town is mostly famous about its finance services and luxury’s good like swiss watches but I want to prove that this place is also a fashion place. As my little town is very international, we have visitors from all around the world who are coming with their own style. Furthermore, swiss people like to travel also and we bring back sometimes the most fashionable pieces in our town.


We DON’T have the fashion week like Paris, London , New York or Milan but we WORTH it too !!


Do not hesitate to comments the pictures lovely people <3


Voici mon album photo pour tous les looks ou accessoires que j’ai trouvé dans ma superbe ville de GENEVE. Cette ville est surtout réputée comme place financière et où le luxe coule à flot mais je tiens à prouver que Genève est in et chic 😉 Comme ma petite ville est très international nous avions les voyageurs du mon entier  qui viennent avec leur look. De plus,  nous même voyageons souvent et ramenons les meilleures pièces de l’étranger.


Nous n’avons pas la côte comme PARIS, LONDRE, NEW YORK ou MILAN mais je pense que nous le valons bien aussi !!!!


N’hésitez pas à faire vos commentaires <3


Crocodile Coat
Crocodile coat

I took this pic the 15th of January 2014. It’s was my first picture !

I felt a little bit stressed to ask a stranger if I can take a picture of him. But this guy was so nice. We laugh a lot . Especially when I discover that he was half Jamaican and half Chinese  lol

By the way he was wearing a crocodile coat and its looks quite heavy ….

Street Fashion
Urban Style
Watch Urban
Bling Bling Watch
Nike Sneakers

A urban look that I took from my colleague 🙂 I love his T-shirt in cotton and the association with a grey jacket and a bling bling watch. The nickey shoes are nice too !

Lovely association: grey and light blue

Smiley guy
Skinny red jeans

This guy has a very original look. I like his skinny red pants and white sneakers.

His coat is like a teddy bear Fur haha


Chanel women
Chanel Woman


This gorgeous woman just shopped in Chanel Store. Her look is awesome and she has really a natural beauty. She was really nice. I was not sure she accept the picture since she looks to be in a hurry but she did with a great smile 🙂


What she was wearing:

Chanel Tweet short, hairy boots and necklace

Alaïa pullover

Dolce and Gabbana  leather Jacket

Hermes Birkin bag

G Point
G. point Girl
H&M , Promode
G Point Girl Dress


A very cute tanned girl from G.Point the new fashion area of Bon Génie (Something like Macy’s in US)

She is mostly wearing H&M from head to toe. Only the top inside is from Pro-Mode. So we don’t need to be rich to get a good style 😉


Smoking boy
Little boy

He was playing with his father in the street when I saw. I found him so cuuuuuute that I can resist to take a picture.

A future cooool finance man !!!

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